Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why it's good to try things at the gym

We all have our favourite exercise routines, and our favourite machines, and instructors, and classes. But it's super, super easy to fall into a rut – and that's bad for two reasons. First, you'll get bored – and you know what comes after that. (Hello, couch and CSI reruns.) Second, your muscles will get bored, which means your workouts will get less efficient (because your muscles are more efficient at doing them). And we all want to burn more calories in less time, right?

My habits are running and yoga. I'll happily run on the treadmill or outside and do a yoga class, but I avoid the weight room and the ellipticals and exercise bikes. I find ellipticals awkward and exercise bikes uncomfortable.

But I know I'm not doing myself any favours. So I've devoted myself to broadening my horizons. A while ago I was checking out some spinning classes at a local spinning studio and was enjoying them - they're such a good workout! I need to try out spinning at my gym soon. And I'm creating a new fun workout habit - Monday nights with Jennifer's butt blaster and abs classes. Butt blaster is an hour then abs is half an hour, so it's a good combo. I've been twice now and I think I'll keep going. Never hurts to work out your butt!

Next step - get on that elliptical. Just for 10 minutes...


  1. Good for you for cross training! I'm a very, very bad cross trainer (I pretty much exclusively run) but I did try a spin class--once. Some people love wasn't for me, so my search for the ultimate cross-training activity continues.